What we deliver our clients

Senior-level counsel, informed by more than 30 years in the public policy arena, not only as a lobbyist, but also in policy, communications, campaigns and media.

We always like to know the "why" behind a problem: How did it rise to needing a legislative or regulatory solution? Where did it come from? When we can get to the truth of those questions, we can help figure out what "the right thing to do" looks like.

Insistence that we get the facts right and understand the practical implementation impact of policy initiatives, not just on the client but also on others. We share the unvarnished puts and takes. We work with policymakers to think through how an agency will need to oversee a new initiative.

A bipartisan, collaborative approach. You can count on us not to be partisans, to be deeply curious about who else is affected and appropriately engage other stakeholders.

A virtual team of senior policy practitioners.  When an issue requires other unique skill sets – such as media and public relations, public opinion research, economic or legal analysis – we partner with best-in-class professionals chosen for fit with the issue or project.

Tom Holt

Tom Holt is a veteran of national and state politics and policy. He began his career in Washington, DC, as a media spokesman for a major think tank, and moved on to become a Cabinet speechwriter and later joined the editorial board of the Richmond (VA) Times-Dispatch. He's been a fixture at the Oregon Capitol for more than 20 years, and has been described in the media as one of the state's most influential and respected lobbyists.
Tom also is an active participant in the region's non-profit community, currently serving as board president of Lines for Life, board vice president of the ALS Association of Oregon and SW Washington, and Officials Training Co-Chair for Oregon Swimming. He co-founded Willow Creek-Portland Little League, and has been a volunteer leader in several other community and youth organizations.

Managing Partner