The Holt Company

Government & Public Affairs

Intersection of Public Policy and Business Operations

We are experts in state and local government politics and process, and we have a wide and deep web of relationships that enable us to place political, policy and regulatory issues in front of the right decision makers at the right time to shape outcomes to meet operational needs.

Issue Specialties

We have expertise in several key policy areas, which means we can help not only with immediate issues but help inform your business strategy.

  • Tax and revenue
  • Health care
  • Smart Cities
  • Technology
  • Energy Innovation

We design and execute sophisticated government relations strategies for those who have – or could have – issues before policymakers, and who want to help prevent or solve real public policy problems.  We engage with stakeholders, and help match policy objectives with practical operational needs.  We help clients to get ahead of issues that, left untended, could blossom into headline-making bonfires, and in the process help make Oregon a better place to live for everyone.